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 In Support Of Your Child

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This Parenting Spiritually Course is a comprehensive approach to parenting that helps parents from pre-conception to well into your child’s adulthood. 


It involves parenting children in a new way, not based upon the way you may have been parented, but based on what your child needs at different points in time.


It deals with specific issues parents are facing with their children.


This course fills the void of information and support available to pre-parents and parents at all stages of the parenting cycle, providing parents with an ongoing system of support and knowledge.


It is just as applicable to a grandparent as it is to a prospective parent or parent.


Dates: TBC

Cost:  $200 per day (+gst if applicable) x 4 days (plus the cost of the book $37+gst)

For enquiries and bookings please call me on 0408 109 355



Day 1


•            What is parenting?

•            Different models of parenting

•            The concept of time in parenting

•            Setting expectations for the child

•            Parenting for the child, not the parent

•            Gender issues in parenting

•            The parenting cycle from pre conception to 3 months of age

•            Practical exercises


Day 2


•            Parenting from 3 months to pre teenager

•            Being a step-parent

•            Loss of a parent through marriage break up

•            The price of non-independence

•            The differing roles of the father and mother in this period

•            Impact of spiritual values in this period

•            Practical exercises


Day 3


•            Parenting from 13 to 21 years

•            Influences on a child 13-21 years

•            Impact of spiritual values during the period 12-21 years

•            Practical exercises


Day 4


•            Parenting from 21 years onwards

•            Two stages of further independence

•            The effect of being 27 years

•            Impact of spiritual values during the period of 27 years

•            What it means to be a grandparent

•            Seasonal effects upon children

•            Practical exercises

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