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Spiritual Counselling follows the principals of the spiritual world. That is having an understanding of how the spiritual world works based on spiritual values and how we apply them in our life. It intercedes into our thought process delivering an alternative way of coping and living by offering a different belief system. This creates a more meaningful and fulfilled existence as it adds a dimension of understanding to the origins of our actions and reactions by offering new ways to implement change. People are only able to reach a high level of happiness and fulfilment if they are “enpurpose”.

This form of Counselling will allow the client to understand their own contribution to the issues in their life. It will take them beyond the immediacy of the mind and help them to understand the higher purpose for which they have come to earth this lifetime.

It will assist the client to identify what they need in their life in order to grow and be fulfilled. It will allow an understanding of the reasons for being in the relationships they are in. They can then decide what they want and need to do about their situation.Spiritual Counselling will give people an in depth understanding of themselves and will clearly show them what action is required to improve their life and the love in their life. Spiritual Counselling is designed to act quickly so that people can experience the joy of discovery of a different way of living. This helps them stop reverting to past patterns of behaviour.

Spiritual Counselling is not for those people who want to remain in a state of pity. It is only for those who genuinely want to improve their life at an emotional level. It is healing, it is helpful, it is concerting and uplifting.

Spiritual Counselling gives you an understanding of your life and the repeated negative patterns that are stalling you from reaching your goals, dreams and intended purpose.

It provides you with an opportunity to change, question your life and recast negative habits.

Spiritual Counselling

1 hour session $90

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